Vinh Moc tunnel

Vinh Moc Tunnel located in Vinh Moc village, Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province. During the War, it located on strategically the border of North Vietnam and South Vietnam (DMZ Viet Nam)

History of Vinh Moc Tunnel

It is hard to imagine a small land area of ​​less than 820 square kilometers, such as Vinh Linh, which has endured a huge amount of US military bombardment from various directions. There were many aircraft, including the B52 Fortress, one of the most modern strategic bombers of the US Army at that time. Outside the South China Sea, the battleship from the Fleet 7 days and nights continued to fire at Vinh Linh. During the long period of time (1965 – 1972), there was hardly any day in Vinh Linh where the bombs exploded. The enemy threw more than half of million tons of bombs and ammunition. At that time, each Vinh Linh people suffered 7 tons of bombs of all kinds.

vinh moc tunnel

 The Vinh moc tunnel structure 

The Tunnel has a dome shape combined with the resilience and strength of the basalt red soil that has created a solid foundation for the Vinh Loc tunnels.

The entire structure of the Vinh Moc tunnel is three-tiered, with a depth of 23 meters above the ground, total length of 1,701m, including 13 tunnel doors (6 of which have been cleared onto the hill, 7 doors to the sea) and 3 wells. The entire demarcation of Vinh Moc tunnel is divided into 3 levels . The ground floor is 8 to 10 meters deep from the ground; The second floor is 12 to 15 meters below the ground; The third floor is 22-23m deep. The tunnel height of 1.2 x 1.8m; In order to be able to travel in the tunnel well, the gates of the tunnel are connected to the tunnel system and main roads of the tunnel. Along the sides of the tunnel, visitors are dug deep inside to create small cubicles (family apartments) that accommodate two to four people who can work in it.

The surface of the tunnel  is dug from 8 to 120 from South to North, from West to East, so as to easily drain water in the tunnel. In addition, there are other works in the center of the Vinh Moc tunnel such as: the hall with a capacity of 50-60 people for meetings, Playgrounds, message boards, maternity homes, three wells for living, toilets, surgery stations, cooking stoves (Hoang Cam stove), food storages,…

vinh moc tunnel

Residents’ life in Vinh Moc tunnel

By the end of 1968, nearly 70 villages of 15 communes and towns in Vinh Linh had tunnels. The tunnels are no longer merely the shelter and battlefields like in Cu Chi, which has become a living space for the people of the “fireland”

It is admirable to see the vaults, rooms, wells, guard stations, kitchens, toilets and ventilation holes arranged in a reasonable way, scientific … still intact, Ancient deep underground. Surprisingly, when witnessing the reenactment of ordinary people’s lives, it was very touching to go to the vault for the infirmary, the maternity home where 17 children were crying in fire. … Moreover, the tunnels are also place that 1,200 people lived during fierce war.

vinh moc tunnel

How to get Vinh Moc tunnel

Vinh Moc tunnel lie in the middle of City of Hue and Phong Nh cave. Therefore, Hue  DMZ by private car  is the best way for tourists to visit this historical area.