Sinh painting village – Unique folk of Hue

Sinh painting village – Unique folk of Hue

With the romantic Perfume River and the system of ancient architectural monuments, the cultural deposits have made the soul of the people of this old capital. Folk of Sinh painting village  also contributed to the development of Hue today.

sinh painting village hue viet nam

Sinh paintings with the artist.

Sinh village painting theme and content

Sinh village paintings is located in Phu Mau commune, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien – Hue, on the banks of the Perfume River, formed more than 400 years ago. It can be said that Sinh is  an ancient village of Vietnam.

The difference of Sinh village painting with the other is the drawing lines and layout is very rudimentary, rustic village. When composing a painting, the woodwork only have the role of mold and main color, usually violet. The remaining colors are hand-painted by the artist. So there is no picture like any picture. Each of them carries the artist’s mood at that time.

Papers make the paintings are made from clam shells that taken from Tam Giang lagoon. The shells are ground into powder, mixed with glue, and the last step is pasted on paper. That is an unique materials of Sinh paintings.

sinh painting village hue viet nam

Sinh paintings village are always different

Sinh painting village  mainly serve to worthy and can be classified into three main categories:

  • Character painting: is lady figurine, drawing a brilliant woman with two little girls standing on either side. This type of painting on the altar worshiped all year round.
  • Objects painting: clothes, money, shirt, family tools … usually small paintings.
  • Animals painting: elephants, tigers and 12 dice…

People offer the pictures in oder to pray for the peace, prosperity, the grow of children, the health…

What to experience in Sinh painting village

Sinh painting village still welcome tourists every day come to the village, travelers can be admired how to make a wood painting, know more about the beauty of Vietnam culture. Futhermore, visitors can experience to draw their own paintings and keep it like a best moment of the poetic city – Hue.

sinh painting village hue viet nam

The experience in Sinh paintings village

How to visit Sinh painting village

Sinh paintings village is not far from the city and the ways to get here is easy to get. Therefore tourists have many ways to explore the village. Choose a scooter to view the countryside of Hue is really the unique experience or join in comfortable Hue private car is also a good choice for tourists. Let come here and do by youself.