One day in Tam Giang Lagoon- The shallow sea of Hue

One day in Tam Giang Lagoon- the Shallow sea of Hue

Tam giang lagoon – big as the sea with 52kmin large, gentle as the river without strong waves. It is the meeting of 3 big rivers of Hue: Perfume river, O Lau and Bo river before reaching to the sea.

About 15 km in the north of Hue – the old capital, visitors can get the lagoon easily by themselves. Carry on itself is many secrets and beauty of the nature, so what should you do here to experience all of these unique features? Let us show you how to spend one day in shallow sea of Hue – The lagoon.

Tam giang lagoon- shallow sea of Hue

  1. How to enjoy the morning when traveling Tam Giang lagoon, Hue?

After the dawn, you can go to the market or find a hut on the lagoon for breakfast with the fishermen here. If you go to the market, you will be able to enjoy many of the unique features of this marshy area, particular is fish – pancake.

But if you choose have breakfast on the hut of lagoon, you can enjoy the marshes in the early morning. Although the food may be not really plentiful  but this is still an experience you should  try when traveling Tam Giang lagoon

  1. Visit fishing village Thai Duong Ha in Tam giang lagoon

After breakfast, tourists begin the journey to discover Tam Giang lagoon by renting a boat to the fishing village of Thai Duong Ha. Here you tourists explore the fishing village life and join in the wet market with super “lovely” prices seafood.

Although it is an ancient village, has a history of development for  hundreds years but in the village still have full of services from basic to most modern, so do not worry to find a place to rest here.

  1. Coming to Ru cha mangrove forest- a part of Tam Giang lagoon

Ru Cha is an mangrove forest of Tam Giang lagoon. When sailing here you will admire that this place is separate from the outside world because most of mangroves have covered by a wall of trees. This wall is like a big air conditioner, the heat will be dispelled when you walk into the forest.

Moreover, Ru cha is home to hundreds of species of birds, when the sun falls, each flock of birds flying to the nest is the most unforgettable scenery when traveling Rucha, The Lagoon in Hue

The silent beauty of Ru Cha

  1. Watch the sunset in Tam Giang 

Perhaps, enjoy the sunset moment when traveling Tam Giang lagoon is the  most interesting activity here. The sunset of purple seems to make the space becomes romantic, more poetic. You can visit here but miss the twilight moment, it is really regret.

 The twilight time in Tam giang lagoon

  1. How to get Tam giang lagoon ?

Only one day on Tam Giang lagoon tourists can have many great moment here, from the dawn to twilight. Therefore, rent a scooter to explore The lagoon by yourself is always a good choice. Another option that cheap Hue private car is also never a bad. Let choose the way to get the “ shallow sea” of Hue.