Monkey mountain

Monkey mountain- the natural peninsula withing the modern city

Being one of the most stunning places in exploring Da Nang vietnam, monkey mountain is always the best option for backpackers. Because of its natural beauty, there are more and more people travel here to discover interesting things.

monkey mountain in da dang vietnam

Where is Monkey mountain?

Monkey mountain ( Son Tra peninsula) belongs to Son Tra District of Da Nang city. From the Northeastern of city, it takes about 10 km to come to the mountain. When visiting here, the travelers will be harmonized with the imposing nature.

What are the most attractive things in Monkey mountain?

Son Tra peninsula tour has many amazing things for you to experience. For example you can go climbing Ban Co peak, visit thousand- year- old Banyan tree as well as observe the wild life.

Ban Co peak and Vong Canh house

Bàn Co is the highest peak in the Monkey mountain.Its name comes from a legend about the God come here to play chess. On this day, there is a statue of God playing chess on this, he seemly thinks how to play with the opponent. As a result, you can also become a player with him.

Although the road leading to the top is pretty narrow and difficult, this is always till attract to the visitors. When standing on the top, from the Vong Canh house you can admire whole of the developed city with the long coastal line.

monkey mountain in da dang vietnam

Linh Ung Bai But pagoda:

Linh Ung pagoda is included in Monkey mountain. This is considered as the biggest one of the scale and architecture. Here, there is the highest statue of the goddess of Mercy. Linh Ung pagoda is a combination between the modern and traditional style. This is a scared temple, and every day many of travelers often come here to pray for them and their family. Therefore, it becomes a new destination as well as the symbol for all visitor when going to Da Nang city.

monkey mountain in da dang vietnam

The banyan thousand – year – old:

This is one of the heritage of Da Nang city. Until now, there is no accurate document about the age of the banyan. People just know that it lives many years ago, and call it the banyan thousand-year-old. Nowadays, it is the destination travelers visit at any time when exploring the monkey mountain. People believe that the banyan is not only for tourism but also site of the rare languars. It contributes to preserving the ecological system of Son Tra peninsula.

monkey mountain in da dang vietnam

Beautiful beaches:

Monkey mountain is a peninsula, so it includes both mountains and beaches. Apart from going climbing the mountains, you can sink into the cool water of the coast. They will be the interesting stop for tourists to relax after a long journey discovering the hills.


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