Lang co beach


Lang Co Beach’s location

Lang Co Beach bordered a section of the 1A National Highway near top gear Hai Van Pass and Bach Ma area with its 10 km in length. Thanks to its gradually slopping and moderate wave, the average temperature -25 degree, Lang Co has been an ideal beach for travelers to swim, relax, and have a diving. It is the middle stop by hue hoi an private car

lang co beach hue hoi an by private car

The wonderful scene in Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach’s uniqueness

Initially, it is a tiny fishing village where a great deal of farmers living on fishing work, feeding the sea animals and tourism service reside in. Moreover, marvelous Lang Co Beach is the perfect combination of the brackish and salt water, thus it is the land of various seafood like coral reef, shrimps, lobster, crab, oysters or mackerel fish. In particular, the oyster is the specialty that nature brings to the fishing farmer here.

Truth be told, Lang Co Beach has been well-known for its wonderful feature, natural geography with the most sprawling scenes in Vietnam. The travelers will be attracted by not only the island-like stretch of palm-shaded white sand, the immensely awesome blue water but also large mysterious Lap An Lagoon.

Being situated next to it is Hai Van Pass– the famous national site giving a great deal of emotion for the adventures. Along Hai Van foot, Lang Co is distinguished with the coral reef, shrimps, lobster, crab, oysters or mackerel fish.

lang co beach hue hoi an by private car

Lang Co Beach beside Hai Van Pass

Moreover, it also near Son Tra Peninsula conserving a number of wildlife. Behind the beach, there are Lap An Lagoon and Bach Ma Mountain Range. All these features combined and create a great combination helping Lang Co have the big potential about tourism development.

Unlike Thuan An Beach which is known as “ attracting and quite noisy”, Lang Co appears primate, elegant with the white smooth sand and fresh water. Indeed, it is also the immense tropical forest and from the far distance, passengers can see the wild and mysterious mountain.

lang co beach hue hoi an by private car

The activities in  Lang Co Beach

What tourist can do in Lang Co Beach is building the sand castles, taking a dip, snorkeling, diving , playing some beach volleyball , running, taking a scenic coastal walk sunbathing the beachside activities or meditating.

What is more, travelers have the opportunity to look for the seashells. In fact, they are likely to troll the beach finding the seashells and colored glass. After that, they can take the best ones home and make jewelry or art of just put them on display so that they are able to remember the funny moment at the beach.

The fishing lifestyle is the biggest attraction to tourists loving discovering the habit and culture of the local. The feeling to be into the nature and fishing life, combined with the labor jobs make people want to come it more time. Besides it, this small and tranquil town brings the peacefulness for the travels, along with numerous the relaxing games.

lang co beach hue hoi an by private car

Building the sandcastle in Lang Co Beach

The way to visit Lang Co Beach

Thanks to the near distance, tourist can pay a visit to it easily thanks to reliable Hue to Hoi An by private car or great Hue city tour all day. Furthermore, holiday-makers can use Hue motorbike rental to reach it with the useful as well as enthusiastic guidance of our tour guide.