Mention to the unique products of traditional handicraft villages in Hue- the old capital of Viet Nam, perhaps the Hue conical hats village is the most well-known. By the hundreds years, conical hats are not only intimate accessories the sun, the rain and close to the daily life of Hue people, but also it has become a special cultural “poem conical hats” that associated with the image of Hue women.

conical hats village

The history of the Hue conical hats village

Hue conical hats village has been started and developed in Hue for hundreds of years, with many famous village such as: Da Le, Phu Cam, Doc So, Thuy Xuan, Kim Long, Sia … Nowadays, these village are not as prosperous as they used to be, but there are still  craftsmen silently engaged in the conical hat.

 conical hats village

The charming of Vietnamese women on Non la and Ao dai

Thuy Xuan village is the ideal destination for traveling when you visit to Hue. It is about 7 km from the center of city with more than 100 years of history and still keep the best features of the ancient village.

What makes the Hue conical hats village become interesting

In Hue conical village tourists can view the process to create a poem hat, artisans must elaborate each step requires careful, skillful. The hat-making process consists of three main groups: preparation of the frame and cone; Handle cones; Sewing and finishing hats. The preparation process requires the artist must have a lot of experience. Make a frame that determines the severity, roundness, shape, size of the hat.

 conical hats village

The beauty of visitors when wearing the conical hat

Non la can serve numerous uses such as a personal sun proof, a basket for women going to market, a big part of a ploughman in hot summer days, or even a keepsake to memorize. Tourists can find the image of a Vietnamese women wearing Non la and Ao dai– traditional clothes of Hue people in Hue conical village. This is an old beauty that you can not find in another place. Non la is also an object which as a part of the national spirit and  Vietnamese people, so many travellers enjoy taking a conical hats as a special souvenirs from Vietnam.

conical hats villageEssential information about conical hats village

Almost every market in Hue also has hats, from big markets like Dong Ba, An Cuu, Ben Ngu, … But nothing is better than experience the conical hats in its homeland – Hue conical village. Join in a group tour of motorbike around Hue or comfortable Hue private car is also great way to explore the ancient beauty of Hue.