Hai Van pass (Sea cloud pass) is one of the most fantastic destination in Hue Hoi An tour. None of tourists can miss this top gear hill road in their journey.  Going up to the top of Hai Van, you will have the gold opportunity to get a panoramic view.

hai van pass


Being the boundary between Da Nang and Thua Thien Hue, Hai Van pass is like a silk lying on the blue sky. If tourists travel in Hoi an Hue tour, it takes about 30 km from Da Nang city. And about 60km if you go from Hue city in Hue Hoi An tour.


When translating into English, Hai Van is Sea and Cloud. The reason for this call is that: the top of pass is always covered by the white cloud and fog. Whereas the bottom is nearby the sea with the seawave crashing onto the shore all day. They combine together and make Hai Van pass become the most valuable place to explore. Why Hai Van pass is always a destination that none of tourists can ignore? Trying to experience this journey once, tourists will never forget it forever.

An ideal place to get the panoramic view

Driving follow to the hill road, tourists will admire the imposing nature here. With an innumerable mountains, you will be astonished at huge stones, zigzagging hill-side roads and very high cliffs. In spite of being dangerous, it is really worthy to discover by yourself.

Hai Van pass is the world of cloud and wind, there is always cloud floating on the top. Stepping into this world means you a different one. You will feel like touching the cloud in front of your eyes, the best feeling ever. Everything here becomes mystery toward all the travelers. It seemly urges you have to conquer this imposing natural world.

Apart from the landscape of the pass, tourists also have an opportunity to observe many places form the top. For example, you can have a general look about Da Nang city with many of high buildings. It will be pretty wonderful when a whole wide city become tiny in your eyes. In addition, you also see Cu Lao Cham, Tien Sa port, Son Tra peninsula. Surely you will be addictive with these things.

hai van pass

Place of historical witnesses

Not only the imposing beauty of nature but also the historical construction will make you feel amazing about this trip. Hai Van gateway which directs to Thua Thien Hue still exist after many of historical events. Or another one where “Thien Ha De Nhat Hung Quan” carved after The King Le Thanh Ton’s instruction.  It means the most grandiose gateway in the world. Probably, that is the reason that many tourists are attractive in front of the beauty here. Except admiring the constructions, tourists may take photographs to save these moments. Surely, you will never catch this scene in any place.

hai van pass


To discover this beautiful pass, tourists can go by Hue hoi an private car tour and vice verse. Driving your motorbike in twisty roads will be the best feeling ever. Other choice is taking part in the tour Hue Hoi An by private car. Our convenient private car will take you all the hill side road of this top gear mountain. Tourists will be traveled in the best condition under any extreme weather.