City of Hue – Go Once miss forever

City of Hue – Go once, remember forever

If you have been to Vietnam but have never visited Hanoi, you have not really come to Vietnam. But if you have actually been to Vietnam but have never been to city of Hue, then you have missed half of the Vietnamese culture. Hue ancient city is known as the capital of the last feudal dynasty of Vietnam built as the political, economic and cultural center of the country (1802 to 1945). It brings the harmonious beauty between modernity and ancientness attracting many domestic and foreign tourists.

truong tien bridge in ciy of hue night

Hue Citadel-the most famous acttraction in city of Hue

Come to the Hue Citadel, you can comtemplate the romantic scenery as well as the unique royal architectural complex. You also can have a lot of experiences about royal activities and taste the delicious royal foods.The Citadel comprises three circles of ramparts: Hue Capital Citadel, Royal Citadel and Forbidden Citadel. Although it has been through many years, the Citadel have saved many monuments such as Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa Place, places of worship of the Nguyen Emperors, Co Ha garden and so on.

Hue Royal Tombs-the unique architecture in city of Hue

In city of Hue, there are seven Royal Tombs which still exist today.The Royal Tombs have two fuctions are the place where Nguyen Emperorswork, play, rest and buris when they die.Different from the way of thinking that tomb often is deserted place and has dark atmosphere, it always has the romantic scenery with grasses, trees, flowers, birds. The Royal tombs were obeyed the Fengshui principles and are nearby a Perfume River. Therefore, tourist can enjoy the view of Perfume River as well as visit the tombs through Perfume river tour Hue.If prefer the modernity, you can come to Khai Dinh Tomb which mixes withthe Eastern architecture and the Western architecture. Moreover, if you want to comtemplate the oriental style, Tu Duc Tomb, Minh Mang tomb must be great choices.

Hue Temples-the spiritual place in city of Hue

City of Hue is known as the large Buddhism center of Vietnam, with over 400 large and small temples. However, saying to Hue Temples, can not fail to mention the most famous temple-Thien Mu pagoda. It is situated in Ha Khe Hill about 15km to the west of the city center that is easy to come by Hue private car.Thien Mu pagoda mirrors itself into the poetic Perfume River whichcontains mysterious stories. In addition, there are some beautiful temples such as Tu Dam, Tu Dam, Huyen Khong Son Thuong.

khai dinh tomb in city of hue

khai dinh tomb

Hue Traditional Craft Villages where converge traditional essences in city of Hue

Many traditional craft villages are formed and developed over hundreds of years creating many specific products. Conical hat (Tay Ho Village), paper flower (Thanh Tien Village), Painting (Sinh Village), Knitting product (Bao La Village)… are wonderful gifts which are suitable for giving relatives and friends. Come to the traditional villages tourists will be able to witness the talented craftsmen make the products or make them by yourself. Furthermore, you can find out life and participate in daily activities of local people.

Street Foods in city of Hue-The cuisine is nowhere can comparable

Traveling to city of Hue without stopping at street food stalls and enjoying Hue foods do not fully feel the taste of Hue. The most special in Hue is a famous beef noodle soup with unique flavor.  In addition, there are the tasty foods that need to be noticed such as Beo cake, Khoai cake, Com Hen, Nem lui… In city of Hue, tourist can participate in Hue private car, Hue food tours to get closer with Hue Street Foods.