Ba na hill – the fairy landscape within Da Nang city

Ba na hill- the fairy landscape within Da Nang city

Ba na hill is a very modern resort designed mostly following to western architecture concretely France . It becomes one of the most attractive places of Da Nang and is always an ideal destination for any traveler. Located on the top of hill about 1489 m above sea level, Ba Na is like a real fairy world on the earth. Base on its position, there are many interesting things explored here.


What are the most charming destinations of Ba Na hill

Once time coming to Ba Na hill, you will see that many interesting things are waiting for you to experience.

  1. The telpher:

Marking a record about the length of cable, Ba Na telpher is always the integral experience in Ba Na resort. From the telpher, tourists can admire whole of Da Nang city. The cloud flies softly in front of your eyes will make you feel like loosing into the fairy world.

  1. French village:

Getting an inspiration from the journey around France, French village becomes a miniature of France within Da Nang. It makes tourists can not miss when experiencing at Ba Na hill. If you are a person who loves western architecture, here will be an ideal place for you.

It is not essential to go to France, you still admire cathedral Saint Dennis or the ancient catsle Chateau De Chenonceau in Da Nang. It will be pretty wonderful for you to take the master of photos and keep the image of a romantic France. In addition, French village also contains more than 400 hotel room 3- 5 stars will help you relax comfortably.

  1. Fantasy park:

With the area more than 21000 m2, this park will give you many types of adventurous games. You can take part in exploring the mysterious things or play games with strong emotion. Especially, here includes movie theatre 4D and 5D will be the amazing place to watch your favorite films.

  1. Flower garden and wine cellar:

  • Flower garden

Being a garden nearly 7 ha, it is divided into different gardens such as Mo stream, eden, legend garden… Going through each of them, you can admire a lot of rare flowers and get distinctive moods. It will be the worthy destination to visit.

  • Wine cellar:

The cellar is a place to keep many kinds of rare and valuable wine. Under the cellar, there is a pub that allows you to enjoy different cocktails. Don’t miss it when you visit to Ba Na hill.

  1. Linh Ung pagoda:

This pagoda is located on the top of Ba Na and there is a big statue of God here. It becomes a spiritual place for all tourists to pray for them and their family when coming here,

The best way to visit Ba Na hill

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