Besides the architecture of the Citadel, Royal tombs of the ancient feudal of Nguyen dynasty. Hue also has a different architectural heritage – it is a garden house – An Hien is a bold mark that carries both noble quintessence and traditional folk features.

an hien garden house

The long history of An Hien garden house

An Hien Garden House is located on the north bank of Huong River, 58 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Street, Xuan Hoa Village, Huong Long Commune, Hue City. As well as the Citadel and many other architectures in Hue, the garden also face to the romantic Perfume River and not far from the famous Thien Mu Pagoda.

One of the most famous garden houses in Hue, An Hien was built in the late 19th century. At first, the house belongs to the 18th princess of King Duc Duc. In 1920, it was under Tung Le’s management. In 1936, Nguyen Dinh Chi was the next owner of the house sold by Tung Le. In 1940, Nguyen Dinh Chi died and left the garden for Mrs. Dao Thi Xuan Yen (his wife). She died in 1997 and also become the longest owner. Despite more than a century of existence, the architectural space of the house retains its ancient character to nowadays.

an hien garden house

What to experience in An Hien garden house?

Entrance to An Hien Garden House is a small porch built with brick mortar. Along the entrance are two rows of white plum trees knit together soaring and shade. Turn left and cross the ancient antique wall, which is a rectangular lake covered entirely by lilies, lotuses and ornamental plants.

One special thing here that as Vietnamese custom, ancient house always have the front wall of door. They believed that it will prevent bad things or unlucky to enter the house.

The whole frame structure in the house is made of wood. The roof tiles are laminated in many layers, the roof edges on both sides of the dragon, in the middle of the roof is lotus pattern. In particular, the antique furniture in the house are always neat and tidy. Undoubtedly, discover An Hien garden house will be the most unforgettable thing when you visit Hue.

An Hien Garden House is not only a typical of the old style garden house but also with beautiful architecture mixed with the romantic scenery, here really an ecological space, convergence full of flavor of 4 seasons.

An Hien Garden House is home of a variety of fruits such as mangosteen, durian, jackfruit, grapefruit, … many trees are in tens of years. There is also a garden of rare plants all over Vietnam.

an hien garden house

How to visit An Hien Garden house

After more than a hundred years of existence, An Hien has gone through many owners, throughout the up and down of history and the harshness of time. An Hien Garden House now still there as a peaceful place, a cultural tourist spot of the Hue ancient capital. With this uniqueness, An Hien garden house is contribute to enrich and beautiful of Hue tourist attractions. Traveling to An Hien Garden in group of bicycle or cheapest Hue private car is surely to be unforgettable experiences of visitors.