If you have been to Hue city and have the opportunity to visit the hue court, you will understand why Hue attracts so many tourists all over the world. Besides the beautiful ancient landscapes like the tomb of the King, the citadel… this place also unique with delicious dishes with something has Hue foods.

Visit to hue once time, there are 5 flavorful Hue foods in Hue that you definitely have to try.

  1. Com hen – Rice with mussel – the most special Hue foods

Become one of 5 flavorful dishes of Hue, Com hen a folk dish so you will not be difficult to find a the stall. With a wide variety of vegetables, banana flowers, peanuts, pork skin, fried peanuts and the most important is mussel, it has created a traditional dish but equally attractive to visitors around the world. As the mussel rice restaurant often sell more mussel noodles, sometimes with porridge, so you can comfortably try their flavor.

Some famous mussels restaurant

hue foods

  • Restaurants in Hen island and Vi Da hamlet
  • Mrs Nho restaurant in the 16 Pham Hong Thai st, prices: 8.000– 15.000 VND.
  1. Bun bo hue – Hue noodle with beef – a typical Hue foods 

Ha Noi famous with Pho, Hoi An has Cao lau so Bun bo Hue symbolize for Hue- the old capital. In Hue, there are many beef noodle shops, each with its own flavor, but it is easy to see that Hue noodles are watery and penetrating tower. Eating noodles with vegetables, a slice of lemon, a spicy of chilli sauce, you will more and more feel the special flavor of this dish which you can not find in another places. it deserves one of 5 flavorful dishes of Hue cuisine.

  • Bun Hanh – Lane 56 Nguyen Cong Tru Street.
  • Bun noodle shop 13 Ly Thuong Kiet st.
  • Mu Rot near Dieu De pagoda.
  • The price of a bowl from 20,000-30,000 VND

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  1. Cakes: beo, nam, loc – the best starter in Hue foods

One of the best dishes at the top of Hue’s famous specialties is beo, nam, loc, ram, it. One of the secret recipes for the cakes is the dipping sauce. The sauce mixes sugar, chili, garlic to create sweet and spicy fragrant. Each type has the formula make the different, but they carry the feature of Hue cuisine: ingenious, sophisticated in decorating, displaying the popular dishes To become famous in the world.

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Address to enjoy beo, nam, loc

–      Beo, nam, loc An Dinh Temple – Kiet 148 Nguyen Hue, Hue City (next to An Dinh Palace).

–      Quan Chi – Banh Hue No. 52 Le Viet Luong, Hue City.

  • Quan 109 – Bánh Beo – Nam – Filter No. 109 Le Huan, Hue City.

 Banh canh Nam Pho- Nam Pho soup

This dish is probably heard and enjoyed by a lot of visitors. Called Nam Pho because it originated from Nam Pho village – Phu Vang district about 10 km from the city, because of the typical cooking style, so that despite many ups and downs in history, Nam Pho soup is still stand in 5 flavorful dishes of Hue . This dish is elaborately processed, meticulously and time-consuming, so Hue people are always proud of being the homeland of this soup.

Nowadays there are more stalls in the street, you can refer to the following addresses:

  • Thuy Restaurant – 16 Pham Hong Thai st, Hue City
  • O Thu – 374 Chi Lang, Hue City

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  1. Powder filter wrap roasted pork sweet soup.

If make a list of sweet soup which is known as the culinary characteristics of Hue foods, the Powder filter wrap roasted pork sweet soup has own unique flavor. Perhaps you are wondering why there is this strange soup, sweet and salty alternating, is it easy to eat? Visitors who enjoy the first time may feel a little suspicious of its taste, but do not hesitate to try this dish. I sure it is really unique that you never ever try so far.

Have tried to know how it differs, the sweetness of soup mix into the salty taste of pork , added a bit spicy flavor of ginger slices, that sure will make you can not forget this dish.

Some famous sweet soup stalls in Hue foods

  • 118 Ngo Duc Ke, Hue City
  • 1 Kiet 29 Hung Vuong, Hue City
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How to try 5 delicious dishes in Hue foods

It will not be too difficult to find the sweep soup shops on the street, When you visit to Hue city, choose a scooter to visit all of places in Hue, take a rest and try 5 delicious Hue foods of hue cuisine. One more option give you the best moment in hue is comfortable Hue private car. Do not forget to try this dish once when you arrive in Hue.