Hue is not only attracted by the beauty, imperial palace, royal tombs and ancient pagodas, but also by the fantastic food. What to eat in Hue notebook will introduce the tourist 5 must-try dishes in Hue.

what to eat in Hue

Hue food

  1. Hue beef noodle soup (Bun Bo Hue)

Bun Bo Hue is one of the 50 best dishes in the world. Especially, it is always the top name for question “what to eat in Hue?” That is the perfect combination of vermicelli, pork and beef with vegetables, peppers and other spices. A bowl of Bun Bo will keep Hue flavor forever. In fact, visitors can see it in anywhere in Hue, but to enjoy real Hue beef noodle, let come to Ms. Hanh, at 35 Nguyen Thai Hoc stress or Ms. Tuyet on Nguyen Cong Tru stress.

  1. Mussel rice (Com hen)

Mussel rice is a famous dish in Hue that the travelers should not miss. It is a combination of rice, mussels, greaves, peppers and fresh vegetables. In truly, it is the first choice for breakfast. Of course, the wonderful place to enjoy this specialty is Con Hen.

  1. Hue cake

Cakes are also a specialty of Hue cuisine with delicious taste. All of these cakes are made from basic ingredients such as shrimp, pork, cassava, glutinous rice and are enjoyed with the rich fish sauce that just have in Hue.

Beo cake – literally water fern cake is a tiny cake interspersed with aromatic scent of rice flour, fried dried shrimp, and the delicious taste of the sauce. It attracts people both shape and taste.

Loc cake – steamed clear tapioca cake and Nam cake – steamed shrimp rice cake wrapped in fresh banana leaves, the cake inside has a very unique flavor that people can only feel when eating.

Hue cakes-what to eat in Hue

Hue cakes

Ram it  Sticky rice dumplings on a fried dumpling are a traditional royal dish. It is a combination of grapefruit and crispy bread that makes the cake sweet and crispy.

Khoai cake – stuffed rice pancake attracts from shape of the half yellowish moon. With hot and spicy sauce, cake is great choice in the winter.

  1. Sesame candy

One of Hue specialty is sesame candy. Everyone knows that just in Hue, they have chance to enjoy the crispy, sweet and fragrant which always satisfy tourists.

     5. Che Hue (Sweet soup)

Che is a dessert, but cannot miss when asked what to eat in Hue. Only 10,000 VND – 20,000 VND for the glass of sweet soup with 50 flavors. From the royal sweet soup to the alley sweet soup and pagoda soup will certainly make the tourists nod.

Hue sweet soup-what to eat in Hue

Hue sweet soup

You know what to eat in Hue, and how to enjoy these

To move and enjoy Hue food easily, visitors can use deluxe Hue private cars. It is very convenient for travelers to go around, especially who go with friends, lover or family. Coming to Hue, the capital region, do not hesitate to seek the traditional beauty of Hue. Let’s do something before leaving here. Hue is still on your heels.