Ru Cha is a beautiful primitive mangrove forest in Hue. With the flawless beauty among the Tam Giang lagoon, it always attracts the adventurous travelers. In reality, it is a great paradise for the tourists who love to explore and hunt the perfect photos.

Ru Cha

Ru Cha

Where is Ru Cha

A part of Tam Giang lagoon, the primitive mangrove forest is an area within 5 ha. It belongs to Thuan Hoa village, about 5 km from central of Hue city. In fact, with more than 100 years existing and wild beauty, this awesome destination is the top choice for the visitors to explore real Vietnam countryside.

Why Ru Cha is an attractive destination

Ru Cha is a small island on the amazing Tam Giang lagoon. Not only possess the beauty of wild nature, but also the forest is so peaceful. Therefore, it is always the ideal habitat for birds and white dwarfs. Approaching to the primitive mangrove forest path, the tourist will feel a great distance from the outside world.

Ru Cha primitive mangrove forest

primitive mangrove forest

This place seems to be a private world with wild and quiet scenery. Especially, Hue people compare the primitive mangrove forest as a shielding in front of the Thuan An sea wave. Furthermore, at here, the travelers can enjoy the cool atmosphere with the breath which is the perfect combination of the forest and the sea. Moreover, the visitors have chance to experience such the life of fishermen, enjoying the local dishes on the boat among Tam Giang lagoon.

The best time and way for exploring Ru Cha

Ru Cha primitive mangrove forest is a unique picture in the dawn and sunset. Therefore, to hunt the wonderful photos, let come here at that time. Moreover, the deluxe Hue private cars will give the travelers a perfect trip. Especially, the tourists can visit ancient city of Hue in daytime and experience the forest in the sunset to have a great holiday.