Minh mang tomb – A master architecture of the ancient

Minh mang tomb – a master architecture of the ancient

Minh Mang Tomb is the most beautiful and ancient one in original Hue tomb’s system. The tomb becomes an integral destination for any tourist when exploring city of Hue. At here, you totally have a different look about life after death that surely you have never thought about.

Where and When Minh Mang tomb was built?

Like other tombs of Nguyen Dynasty’s Emperor, Minh Mang tomb also lies in the West, near Perfume river. The reason is that the Emperor acquires himself as the Sun, and the Sun always rises in the East and sets in the West. Nowadays, the tomb belongs to Huong Tra district, about 12km from Hue city.

Emperor Minh Mang spent 14 years to study by himself carefully before starting building. Therefore, tourists will realize that the tomb seemly reflect the characteristics of King Minh Mang. However, he passed away before it was finished. And his son- Emperor Thieu Tri continued to build and complete it in 1843.

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Places tourists should not miss in Minh Mang Tomb

Calling Minh Mang tomb as a masterpiece of architecture is not too exaggerative. Only when coming here, visitors will understand the reason why many experts name it like that. The tomb contains more than 40 small and large constructions. Seeing from helicopter, you will figure out it is like a body stretching out next the hill.

First of all, visitors will see Dai Hong Mon–  the main gate of Minh Mang tomb. Many years ago, Dai Hong Mon only was opened once in 1841 to bring the coffin of King Minh Mang to inside. So, to enter into, tourists have to go by other gates: Ta Hong Mon and Huu Hong Mon.

Besides, you should not ignore “the yin and yang” architecture through the Young Moon lake and Buu Thanh. The lake holds whole Buu Thanh that creates an harmonious combination in mausoleum architecture.

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The best way and time to visit Minh Mang tomb

To visit Minh Mang tomb, there will have variety of choices for tourists to choose. For example, you can go by motorbike, bike or sleeping bus in Hue city tour one day. Besides, we suggest you to go by Hue Hoi An private car. You will be flexible about time to go. And our cool and comfortable car will drive you to anywhere you want to visit more.

The best time to get here is in the morning and end of the afternoon. At that time, you will enjoy the beauty of tomb in a cool weather comfortably.

Some notes about the tomb:

* Price ticket is about 5$ for one.

* However, we recommend you to buy combination ticket to visit 3 places with a lower price (13 usd)

* The most convenient way to visit the ancient tomb is by Hue private cars tour  of Hidden Land Travel

* If you are planning to travel to Hoi An, By the way Let take Hue to Hoi An by private car