Hue city is an attractive destination for traveling of Central Vietnam at any time. Here makes the tourists have to pay attention by the natural and ancient beauty. Compare to other tourism places, Hue does not modernize itself to much but still keeps the old traits. Probably, it is always the first and foremost place to visit.

  1. Poetic Perfume river and Truong Tien Bridge in Hue city 

For a long time ago, Perfume river has been the integral symbol in traveling to Hue. Within the ancient city, this river is seemly like a soft silk crossing, creates a romantic and stunning place. Floating on the dragon boat is the best choice to admire whole part of river in city. In addition, you also have an amazing opportunity to contemplate the old constructions on both two sides of river.

Truong Tien bridge is another thing that is worthy to enjoy. This is one of the most important historical witness during time of Vietnam war. After spending many of large events, this bridge was reconstructed and still exist until now. A good choice to admire is walking on the night street along Perfume river in the evening. You will have chance to see the Truong Tien bridge change 7 colours continuously in turn.  Under the rainbow light, the bridge become more mysterious.

  1. The ancient constructions of Hue city

What makes Hue famous for traveling? Probably it is because of the ancient constructions. Many pagodas, tombs become the charming destinations for visitors coming to Hue. These constructions create the curiousity for tourists to explore the royal and old society in the past. We can recommend you to visit some places like: the Citadel, Khai Dinh tomb, Minh Mang tomb or Tu Duc tomb. Besides, you also ought to visit the old temples which bring you into a peaceful space to purify yourself. For example: Thien Mu pagoda or Tu Hieu pagoda are always the good one to visit.

  1. Countryside landscapes in Hue city:

Outside the city is the peaceful place for tourists to visit. For example: Elephant spring is an ideal place in summer days, you can sink into the cool water to refresh and let yourself float freely. Or Bach Ma national park is other good choice for you. The imposing nature and stunning landscapes bring you into the natural life with rainfall, lakes and streams. Besides, not too far the city, Thanh Toan tile roofed bridge is ready for you to experience. The village life with local market, green rice field will make you can not resist. Sitting on the bridge to enjoy cool winds is better than anything of a modern life in city.


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